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Khubaib Foundation is a registered, independent, non-profit, non-government, educational and social welfare organization that works nationally and internationally. Since its inception, the Foundation has been working for rescue, relief and rehabilitation of different factions of the society, their main area of activities are Education, Reformation and Rehabilitation of Prisoners, Health Care, Relief and Rehabilitation.

While every organization considering an ERP implementation has compelling reasons, Khubaib Foundation has a reason to implement an ERP software that helps them greatly in management of their funds, grants, budget, financial Planning and manage Orphans Records. Zaryans in 2015 gives them a solution to increase their organization’s efficiency by providing a business management solutions that fits their needs.

The challenge

The foremost challenge we faced is to enhance the organization productivity by creating a paperless environment in all departments of all projects, Report all their expenditure heads to the donors stating utilization towards the concerned project of the funds contributed by them, Manage their Financial transactions and donations, since each project expense is tightly controlled by the budget availability due to defined source of income in form of Grants, their organizations are dependent heavily on the resources skills. It is important to retain this manpower and achieving the satisfaction level by providing the state of the art HR processes. One of the biggest challenge is to connect the remote offices with centralized system to monitor and record all their Orphans and school activities.

business management solutions

The solution

At the same time of implementation, ERP systems brings an enormous amount of benefit to Khubaib Foundation, by managing administrative systems, financial systems and orphans management across different projects in different locations, we provide them a comprehensive solution to manage their Grants, Funds and Donations along with Human Resource & Payroll, Procurement, Inventory, Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting & Analytics, that’s ultimately helps the management to improves decision making with quick, real-time financial information, Now organizations depend on IT systems to keep their organization together and functioning.

The Results

Khubaib foundation have been more than happy with the system since its implementation, Zed NGO system helps them to record their project wise donations, expenses, assets, payments etc, that’s improves decision making with up-to-date financial information. Multi location distribution of the resources and their remote monitoring with centralized database at Head Office. Employee information and work flow for HR processes. Funds utilization reporting to the higher management and trustees. Elegantly manages sponsored orphans data with profiling and data uploading facility.

Zed NGO ERP System makes them to serve the humanity in need at large.

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