case study oil field services

Wellserve have developed a reputation within the oilfield, and offers a broad range of services to the Oil & Gas industry in Pakistan.In 2007 Wellserve Pakistan has started providing Rental & Tool repairing Services to the Oil and Gas Sectors across the pakistan, using competent & experienced crew and the latest equipment available in the market. Opening in March 2018, Wellserve is in need of an ERP software system which covers the functionality for the Jobs they created.Fully Configurable Analytic Reporting, Logistics, Repair, Stocks, Quality Assurance, Human Resources management.


Further we faced challenges in the industry’s information regarding Jobs and Enquiries. That belongs to different clients along with many other supporting documents was tracked in spreadsheets, on whiteboards, or notebooks. Those can easily be lost and provide meaningless business intelligence. The customer was looking to develop and test a new, enterprise-level ERP system containing both the ERP and BI modules that would enable them to the following:
Firstly, Automate Job creation process for rental and repairing enquiries from different Wells and Rigs.
Secondly, Warehousing of tools and equipment.
Thirdly, Procurement management (tracking the movement of goods from PO to GRN).
Fourthly, HR & Payroll Management.
Fifth, Data input automation for their accounting department to the largest extent possible.
Sixth, On-demand reporting through a custom-built, integrated business intelligence (BI) module


Above all Zaryans team was hired with limited time to learn specifications of the ERP software. We eliminate those challenges with the help of these actions. We fully automate the process of Tool’s Rental & Repairing by creating a system generated job No. against a specific customer. Who belongs to some Rig or Well. That job No. attached with all other relevant documents like enquiries, Delivery Tickets, TPT’s, In/Out Gate Passes, Inward Docket, Inspections and finally Invoice, It helps to track all the Jobs of customers through single job No. We provide integrated platform to manage their Current stocks, Assets Item, Rental Equipment, Plant & Machinery. Also provide a complete package to maintain their Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Expenses, Payroll, Procurement Management, Accounting and Finance. This will ultimately facilitate the management and operations teams to have the necessary data through customized dashboards and reporting.


After that as a result Zaryans Dedicated Software development team. Helped the Wellserve to roll out custom ERP software in due time and with all planned functionality. Data standardization enabled the company to generate reports and analytics. That could provide future insights into performance of the company’s operations. Considering material handling, management tranning tools, resources needed. And logistics around the rig and wells.

In conclusion Speedup of routine activities, like payrolls, improved customer experience. At this moment, our dedicated development team continues to work on the project to ensure platform stability and quickly address all issues. And change requests along with new features and functionality.

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