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Zed Delivery is a Flexible Web & Mobile App to manage right deliveries at the right place with ERP software solution. Case-study-zeddelivery-ERP software solution. Firstly introduction,  ZedDelivery is a complete online ordering and tracking system for B2B sales and distribution businesses. With its well-equipped web based solution, the Android application makes it easy to track your orders. in short the following features:

  • Work offline in remote areas with no wi-fi / 3g/4g connectivity.
  • Synchronize later (automatically / on demand) when back at the warehouse (or any place with wifi / data access)
  • Compatible with android & windows systems.
  • No specific hardware required to run the applications
  • Just ask us to configure for you on our cloud.
  • Kitchen Order ticket
  • Rooms/Property Management
  • Real-time tracking means you can always see where the delivery is on the map.
  • This visibility ensures smoother delivery of products (insert picture of maps with routes etc)


Meanwhile Exotech was looking for an intelligent tool to manage their Comprehensive Sales and Delivery Management System for their existing and new customers. The business required a system that would allow their teams to provide high quality service while managing their Customers Orders efficiently. They are also looking for Mobile Integration to check their delivery guys fraudulent acts in making right deliveries.


The answer to this challenge came in the form of Zed Delivery Management System tool automating the Customer Order booking and deliveries. This solution manages customers, orders, vehicles, Sales Persons, order booking and supply in an online manner connecting Sales & Delivery persons with the back office through their smart phones.
“Providing a connected system to record instant sales and recoveries. Thus reducing inventory and financial leakages, builds an online information system between field force, back office and the managem


As a result, the sales team of Exotech each have their own Order booking App, which allows Sales Representatives to book their orders directly from customer’s location, just by using a Zed Delivery Android App, and the team at offices can monitor their orders by keeping the track of their entire stock, manage Accounts worksheets, Expenses through Zed Delivery Web software solution
case-study-zeddelivery-ERP software solution

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