Case Study ZedSchool

ERP solution

Lynx School with several branches have a passion to create the right environment and atmosphere for the children who will have character, purpose and skills for their life. And vision is to develop good study habits, moral values, reflective ability, self-discipline, and the basic learning skills, i.e. literacy, numeracy. Critical thinking and IT skills for school management system.
Therefore, School realized the need for an enterprise level software/application to manage its operations. They were keen to have a custom IT solution that would assist them in areas like students Registration/admission, Billings, HR, Payroll. And most importantly Accounting and Inventory. Above all they need a ERP Solution for their school.


During work we facing some challenges. Similarly all educational institutions, admitting and enrolling students is one of the tough job. The challenge is making the process as easy as possible while also meeting their admission and enrollment criteria. Firstly the schools have challenges with managing their finances, particularly as it relates to income that comes in through fees and contributions. Secondly, also keep the records of students who has outstanding dues to pay off. Recruitment of qualified teachers to teach students and managing their monthly salary records.Thirdly, Calculating their deduction and allowances was also a highlighted issue faced by the administration. Lastly, it’s always been an extra challenge to make sure that, not only do the departments within function and collaborate properly. But also campuses to play their role effectively in centralized environment.


Above all, for considering the requirements of client. Zaryans Consulting proposed a solution built on a platform that would support the client’s present and future requirements. After deep evaluation, After that it was decided by Zaryans Consulting and agreed by the client that Customized ERP solution would meet the client’s total requirements. To achieve the goal we include the following features :

Availability on Web 24/7.
Account for every User.
School data management.
Staff/employee management.
Easy Salary/fee management.
Fees Submission and recoveries.
Payroll Management.
Leave Management.
Attendance management.
Categorization of Income and Expenses.
Notifications (via SMS, e-mail).
Inventory Management.
Management Reporting.


As a result Zed school management system digitizes the operations of school by making into a smarter one. Therefore, School information management system makes admins easy to chart each student’s records individually. And able to manage their school’s finances and inventory in a much better way.

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