Discrete mathematics for computer system scientist.

Winter 2012/13 Lecturer Dr. Klaus Kriegel.

Event Schedules Tuesday 08-10 pm Thursdays 10-12 am.


Stand 15.04.2013: insight for Nachklausur: The first exam analysis there on Wednesday, 17.4. 11: 30 to 12: 30 in Bedroom 134 First Nachklausurergebnisse: By popular demand here already the list of closed cases, even though the correction of Nachklausur is leiedr not yet complete, about 10 works are still waiting for a deeper examination. Like in he initial exam unique 18 tips to complete. Preliminary results for Concern Time Nachklausur: Titus Laska supplies a Zusatztutorium on on April 2. Get started: 12: 00 Conclude opened intended, the SR 005. There is not any repaired slated plan – the event is simply for talk of start queries. Ideas wants and the majority of cement questions you need to in advance by mail to titus. Laska at fu-berlin.de Nachklausur: The Nachklausur we on Friday d. 4.5. Authored 12 to 14 AM. Unfortunately, that’s the sole free consultation with plenty of room capacity was that day. We must therefore (in contrast to the earlier statement! Once again with a 90-minute exam – volume and complexity thus be more comparable with the first exam. Is written in the main lecture and auditorium hall A in the Arnimallee 22 ) Be content. The exact room is sent out (following checking of trial offer applications) ahead of the exam. Free Trial: All individuals on the initially exam, that have not really handed are quickly listed for that retry. Who may have booked the unit the first time and actually handed inside the 1st test, may order enhancement by e mail until eventually 20: 03. (Subject: Free trial Mafi 1) register for Nachklausur. Substantive: Algebraic structures and the formal apparatus of predicate logic are not polled, but the handling and equivalent transformations of formulas with quantifiers belong to the content of the retry. When preparing you must tasks and Solutions into the very first test to find out it once more precisely (handwritten and therefore virtually 6 MB – just with VPN easy access). Examination insight and Results: Due to the fact a sub-project (with 4 tips) relocated within the part of?? More projects have crossed in excess of 18 factors to pass through the test. All those who have checked out it, its result can be located right here (just with VPN access and provisionally oe). The corresponding take note can look up on the score family table (line with 36 issues). The first exam overview there on Friday, 1.3. 11: 00 to 12: 30 in Room 051. Products for any check-up: You are able to 1 A4 web site (that is one-sided! ) consumption of remarks as Notepad. The webpage can be accomplished yourself or on the pc (with at least typeface 10pt). Calculators and other tools will not be permitted. Musterlosung. Pdf to check examination test exam: Which can make the following test exam if you want to test yourself. It is the first exam of the year before last. Not all the tasks before, even though who wants to do a real test, should take then exactly 90 minutes. Next, week will be provided a detailed model solution into the net. Some trainers also provide extra guides for dialogue of difficulties.
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Miscalculation from the 10th workout, Project 1: Sadly, there were a typo – in order that you will find a very simple solution, have to be a minus in a in addition modified. The modification considering the fact that 07.01.2013 10: 41 inside the world wide web.

Valuables in the lecture.

The main objective of your lecture basics are from reason, set up concept and discrete mathematics, is resorted to inside the more span of analysis. The program gets underway with a review of propositional reasoning with an insight into the technological innovation of mathematical proofs. The 2nd target is devoted to the establish principle. In particular, it comes to associations, characteristics, natural volumes, induction and countability www.luc.edu and the need for these methods in laptop or computer science. The 3rd goal two key topics of Discrete Math are given an introduction to combinatorics and graph theory. Exclusive interest is given (as a result of laptop technology relevance) the topic of recursion. At the end of the semester we return once again to logic. With dealing with Boolean works, Boolean formulas and regular forms matters that have fun with a unique function in personal computer scientific research. Decidability, resolution click to read calculus along with an comprehension of the Logic and determine the fourth priority.

Translucent criteria.

Day planning xx. Xx. 2002.

Signing up.

All learners in the initial semester must sign-up inside of a seminar crew. This minimizes a further subscription for that exercising schedules in this training course. For all other participants (and merely to do this! ) Is on Thursday, 18/10/12 at 14: 00 empowered the applying to the rest of sites in the exercising teams. Additionally, a special class will probably be put in place with no work out schedules, must subscribe all repeater unit in which have presently accomplished their exercising professional services and want to take part only from the examination. This signing up occurs in the section from the KVV or via a link from here.

Work out groups and exercise days.

The training begin in another week of courses.

Appointment living space Seminargr. Trainer e-mail address Mo 08-10 SR 046 D Martin Karl Mo 08-10 SR 055 E Christian Hofmann Mo 12-14 SR 055 C Martin Karl Mo 14-16 SR 046 A Ronny Schnippa Mo 14-16 SR 055 B Sebastian Scherer Mo 16-18 SR 046 F Sebastian Scherer Thu 14-16 SR 055 G Titus Laska Mi 16-18 SR 046 no Titus Laska Do 08-10 SR 049 no Olaf Parczyk.


Discussion board information and opinions could be traded to the lecture then one can in every question request the related problems for understanding workouts. Clarifications and smaller tips are not only permitted, but encouraged – however, finished or semi-finished solutions are undesirable and are removed by the moderators.

Physical exercises.

Note: The subject matter for delivery of the work outs are not on the laptop or computer research constructing, however in the the Arnimallee 3 (on top of the library)

Some tasks picked out test remedies are created available. This issues in particular all those responsibilities the place it turned out to be clear from your fees the technique or even the written representation with the alternative have challenges.

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