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Among the primary issues the new rulers imposed was the renaming of the island and all municipal districts. However, there have been nonetheless attempts to persuade the Chamorro populace of Japan’s superiority over the Americans.

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Laborers also piled big mounts of rocks alongside the seashore, and dug large holes in the sand in an try to dam and disable American tanks. Some of the youthful males have been utilized to assist construct pillboxes and artificial caves. Still others were used to install real and dummy cannons at several coastal areas, and to transport food and ammunition to key defense outposts. The women have been used primarily to plant and harvest farm crops. By early 1944, the Chamorros had been mere instruments to be utilized without regard to their safety or nicely-being.

After a brief but futile firefight at the Plaza de Espana between the Guam Insular Guard and the detachment, Capt. George McMillin, naval governor of Guam, surrenders the island to the Japanese about 7 a.m. In the occupation, Japanese authorities, going through a shortage of medical personnel, instituted a program to train college students to become nurses.

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Without exception, the six sailors believed the war would not last greater than three months and they felt they might survive in the dense jungles of Guam until the Americans returned to the island. All local residents had been required to acquire passes – a bit of cloth with Japanese characters – so as to transfer concerning the island. All native officers, together with municipal and village commissioners and policemen, had been ordered to return to work. About one-fourth of Agana’s residents returned from hiding but the great majority chose to avoid the village. The historic Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral was converted into a propaganda and entertainment middle, and a church constructing in Santa Cruz turned a workshop and secure for the Japanese’s Siberian stallions.

At Tinta, sixteen of the first 30 were killed; a rainstorm erupted after troopers had initially fired into the cave and prevented them from finishing their task. All of the second group perished when they have been victims of grenades and people surviving have been bayoneted. A group of about 30 young men and women from Agat and Sumay had been packed into a large cave in Fena and massacred. According to John Ulloa, 22, of Sumay, he and 6 different young men have been sleeping in a cave when he and others were awakened by ones coming from a second cave nearby. They have been totally shocked when they found that each one their associates were murdered.

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After every Japanese conquest within the Pacific or Far East, navy parades have been held via the streets of Agana. When Singapore fell on February 15, 1942, sabers rattled via the narrow streets of the barrios of San Ignacio and San Nicolas; the march of soldiers would finish at a Buddhist shrine on a hillside above Agana.

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While American forces were bombarding the island from off-shore in July in preparation for the eventual invasion, complete-sale massacres had been happening in the island — at Fena, Merizo and Yigo. At the southern end of the island, the Japanese – in desperation – ordered teams of Chamorro men to lay coconut tree trunks throughout the street, ostensibly to cease American tanks. In Asan, forced labor constructed a tank lure consisting of trunks buried vertically and arranged in a maze-like pattern.

The island’s Baptist church, also in Agana, was also seized; Japanese officers used the first flooring of the church as a storage area for meals, and the second flooring was utilized as a Shinto shrine. Troops had been look at this website stationed in numerous elements of the island, a nightfall-to-daybreak curfew initiated; cars, radios, and cameras confiscated.

Most of the male population were used either on the two operational air strips at Orote and Jalaguac, or at a new one being developed at Ague within the northeastern nook of the island. Part of the technique for Guam’s protection was to make the island self-supporting through agriculture. The Japanese plan was to speed up agricultural production so that it could assist as many as 30,000 troops for so long as necessary in protection of Japan’s periphery. Their empire shrinking and the battle traces moving closer and nearer to Japan, military leaders acted to boost the defensive capabilities of Guam.

Other shows of would possibly by the Japanese army got when General Douglas MacArthur fled to Australia from the Philippines and later when General Jonathan Wainwright surrendered that archipelago on May 6, 1942. The invasion detachment departed Guam January 14, 1942, sailing to Truk with carriers and different ships of Japan’s 4th Fleet; this pressure would later take Rabaul and make it one of many empire’s major army bases within the Pacific. Only Tweed survived the war, because of the handfuls of people that harbored him in the course of the 30-month occupation interval. Krump, Jones and Yablonsky were discovered within the Manengon area in September 1942 and were beheaded by the Japanese. Two months later, Tyson and Johnston were found and shot in Machananao.

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