Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS We are proudly restaurant POS hardware with installs bilingual that can be easily configured in Arabic languages. Can be used any sort of services establishment, from dining and tables service restaurant to Quick service (QSRs), pizza delivery and take out establishment.


  • Dine in, takeaway & delivery
  • Manage halls and tables Arrangement
  • Enroll waiters/Servers
  • Place Order at front desk and print in Kitchen
  • Manage Food service through kitchen Order Tickets
  • Create Kitchen Orders Tickets through hand-held devices and directly send to kitchen
  • Uni POS touch screen with Atom Processor- different models and sizes
  • Uni POS cash Drawer
  • Epson Receipt Printers of different models


  • Customizable halls and tables Arrangements
  • Dine IN / Takeaway / Delivery options
  • Definable Multiple Kitchens and smart KOT printing into related kitchens
  • Bilingual interface and printing, customizable in Arabic
  • Multiple POS and cash closing shifts
  • Pictorial menus and categories
  • Order Status with color distinctions
  • Customer Tracking in delivery Mechanism
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