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While the federal government promoted “secularism”, the IRPT adhered to Islamic values. Human Rights Watch, among others, relates the restrictive rules set by the Tajik authorities to silencing opposition forces, particularly the Islamic opposition represented by the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan . Zarina works in a private company to be able to pay for rent and preserve herself and her two youngsters, whereas her husband works in Russia. Just like many different Tajik women, to be able to protect both her marriage and her job, Zarina has to put on the hijab.

Hijab protects women in their on a regular basis activities and ensures good family relations. In this new stage of the battle, the government carefully seeks to blend spiritual practices with the “conventional-nationwide” norms. Thus “normalising beard” replaces the beard shaving campaign, and “national and conventional garments” exchange the “alien garments” or “non-conventional dress”, together with black hijabs and European skirts. In addition, a brief video has just lately appeared within the social media exhibiting the president speaking with spiritual notables concerning the acceptable norms of beard sporting. This manoeuvre demonstrates that the battle of interests between the federal government and its Islamic opposition is not primarily based on any real ideological variations, but rather on the changing balance of political energy between the 2 sides.

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The bulk of efforts ought to search to curb an infection among those groups most at risk, like drug users and intercourse employees, she mentioned. As for migrants, efforts should continue to monitor HIV among them in addition to different population groups, however to focus primarily on educating them concerning the virus, its transmission methods, and the necessity to keep away from dangerous behaviour. “Data from the nationwide report show that testing of migrants is already conducted on a fairly wide scale, and that the incidence of HIV infection shown up among them is fairly low,” she stated. “Tajikistan is on the concentrated epidemic stage, during which intravenous drug use is the primary HIV transmission route.”

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The Chair of the regional Department of Internal Affairs in Sughd Province, Sharif Rahmon Nazarzoda, who was intransigent to sporting beard and hijab, now claims that “right here should be an order, a tradition to wear them”. In September 2015 the security forces crushed the revolt of the deputy Minister of Defence, Abduhalim Nazarzoda, the previous leading member of the Islamic opposition, and eliminated him in the aftermath. The court docket recognised IRPT as a terrorist organisation and most of its leaders have been detained and put in jail, whereas hundreds more left the country in fear of their lives.

When IWPR put it to her that extra cases of HIV may be revealed if migrants had been topic to the same type of rigorous testing as individuals in the recognized high-threat teams, Boltaeva dismissed the concept. In response to the idea of recent testing measures, Boltaeva stated that mandatory tests have been out of the query, and that there was already laws in place to guarantee anonymity for anyone who went to a neighborhood health centre. In addition, testing individuals instantly on their return might miss cases where the HIV virus was current but not but detectable.

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The report put the quantity at 750,000, and likewise cited unofficial estimates of two million. “We need to extend the role performed by women in preventing HIV infection,” he mentioned, adding that men too ought to be encouraged to be “more accountable” about secure sex.

Mirzoev stated there was no need for this kind of measure, as voluntary testing was already available around the nation. Workers heading for Russia take an HIV take a look at beforehand as a result of they have to, underneath the legal guidelines of that nation. Khaitova would like to see check amenities put in place at Tajik airports and rail stations for once they return. For a start, state testing of round 67,000 migrants conducted in 2011 showed that only zero.07 per cent of them had the HIV an infection, a lower fee than the zero.1 per cent calculated for Tajikistan’s complete inhabitants.

After the 1997 peace accords ending the civil warfare, the leaders and fighters of the Islamic opposition were built-in into state buildings. Both the submit-civil struggle authorities and its Islamic opposition divided the state places of work amongst themselves with the share of 70-30, respectively. The post-reconciliation period was initially peaceable although both sides sought to increase their management over public offices and sources and each had a special ideological provenance.

In a male-dominated society, women generally discover it troublesome to demand protective sex or to talk overtly about HIV/AIDS. Khaitova, told IWPR that out of the 300 women receiving ongoing treatment at her centre, 100 had been married to migrant employees. The drawback with gauging rates of an infection from migrants to their wives is that no statistics are available.

While acknowledging a worrying upward development of infection among the many basic feminine population, officials are reluctant to undertake aggressive new prevention insurance policies treating migrants or their spouses as a particular class. Without greater clarity, Boltaeva said, “this might be a really giant part of the female population”. “Women listed here are dependent economically and emotionally, and aren’t able to stand up for his or her rights,” Khaitova mentioned. She argues that these wives type a very weak group who’ve little protection from the risks of infection.


While there are figures for specific identified threat categories, derived from the government’s testing and monitoring programmes, none are collected for the wives of migrant employees as a common group. Tajikistan has a big, overwhelmingly male population of migrants who move backwards and forwards between seasonal jobs in Russia and other nations.

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