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Powerful compact package for business software to fulfill their daily transnational data and transform into management reporting regarding Inventory, Sales, Distribution, expenses, payable & Receivables.

Moreover Various item things are open to help you with sifting through your budgetary information to be logically useful in choosing cash related decisions.  And they are planned to make the record-keeping portions of individual cash—the variety, course of action, and organizing of fiscal data—as straightforward as could be normal in light of the current situation. On the other hands the ventures furthermore are planned to convey outline reports . Similarly as various figurings that may be useful for various pieces of cash related masterminding. For example, cash related organizing programming exists for managing preparing and retirement save assets. On the other hand commitment and home credit repayment. And pay and cost arranging. But now a days most computerize inventory and management systems are adopt by the organizations for their better handling of accounts and other matters.

So, they are using frequently zed business software systems for accounts and sales handling purpose.

Further more, Keeping advanced records of your funds might be more secure than keeping them dispersed in shoeboxes or documents, presented to dangers. For example fire, flood, and robbery. Because computerized records are frequently effectively retrievable in light of the fact that the product arranges them deliberately for you. So, space is certainly not a useful issue with advanced capacity. So records might be kept longer.

In addition, Programming won’t improve your budgetary circumstance. But yet it can improve the association of your monetary information month to month and yearly. And permitting you a much more clear view and more likely than not a vastly improved comprehension of your circumstance.

Above all there are following features of Zed business software:

General Ledger

Firstly we define the General Ledger features. In meanwhile this software having general ledger maintaining feature :

  • Balance Sheet Categories
  • Multi level Chart of Account up to unlimited Levels
  • Subsidiary Ledgers Binding with GL
  • Concept of Cost Centers
  • More than 15 Transaction Types
  • Drill down GL upto source transaction
  • Concept of Audit and transaction posting
  • Activity Trial Balance
  • COA Reporting

Standard Accounting transaction Types

Secondly we define the Standard Accounting Transaction types. Most importantly because of this all standard of accounting transaction we maintain the following things

  1. Journal Vouching
  2. Payment Vouching
  3. Receipt Vouching
  4. Sales Invoicing (automated)
  5. Sales Returns (Automated)
  6. Purchase Vouching (Automated)
  7. Purchase Returns (automated)
  8. Salary Vouching (Automated)

Stocks Management

Thirdly moreover we discuss the  Stocks Management

  • Define Finished Goods Item Catalogue
  • Make Inward Gate Passes / Outward Gate Passes
  • Quality Check
  • Rejections/Approvals
  • GRN – Goods Receipt Note
  • Puchase vouching and posting to GL
  • Sales Return
  • Goods Issuance through Delivery Order
  • Destruction Notes
  • Wastages Notes
  • Stock position and transaction tracking
  • Set reordering levels
  • Lot Nos / Batch Nos

Fourthly, most important thing that every business had is Payroll matters. Meanwhile, we tell about the feature of Payroll tag. So this tag is helpful for below mention things:

  • Groups/Departments definition
  • Employee Master Record
    • Bio Data, image, qualifications, experience histories
    • Job placement histories
    • Salary Structure
    • Increments history
  • Payroll
    • Company Scales
    • Leaves & Overtime Policies
    • Holidays Calendar
    • Leave Records
    • Monthly payroll Generation from Accounts Department
    • Integration with Loans/Advances of employees for Salary deductions
    • Pay slips
    • Monthly/yearly Reports
    • Automated Payroll voucher posting in General Ledger
Inventory Purchases

Meanwhile we define Inventory Purchases portion. And these are some features of inventory purchases

  • Assemble Vendor Rates/Quotes
  • Create POs against Purchase Indents
  • Place Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Evaluate Suppliers performance through supplies histories
  • Enter Lead times and shipment dates

Supplies & Distribution

Similarly supplies and distribution having following features

  • Sales Order Creation
  • Approvals
  • Execution
    • OGP, Pick List, Invoice
    • Invoice Forward to Accounts
    • Posting to GL
    • Sales Returns
      • QC Inspection
      • Final Return
      • Forward to Store for stocks update
      • forward to Accounts for vouching & Posting
    • Stocks Adjustments
      • Adjustments
      • Approvals
      • Forward to Store for stocks update
      • Forward to Accounts for vouching & Posting

As a result of this software organization can handle their businesses on easy way and take a cost cutting benefits from using these type of software.

In conclusion Straightforward  programming is significant for following the achievement of your small businesses solution. So,  It permits clients to store all the data that gives an away from of the business money related well-being.  And the product can without much of a stretch oversee accounting and permits observing expenses and incomes to augment overall revenues.

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