ZedTime – Bio-metric Attendance & Payroll System

Employee Attendance / Payroll Accounting in Offices. Factories & Hospitals Students and Teachers Attendance /Payroll in Schools and Universities. Because of this bio metric time attendance software different type of organizations can manage their’s employees management as easy as they can do.


  • Tracking of accruals such as absentism, late coming, Early going, leaves and over time
  • Shift management
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Multi Location and multi department
  • Flexible and powerful reporting capabilities
  • Desktop Application at gate with client server technology
  • Web based centralized system
  • Integration with ZedERP Accounts Payable & GL


  • Reduce the time required to schedule employee
  • Do away with time card preparation collection, filling and storage
  • Eliminate unauthorized hours
  • Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick or compensation time accruals
  • Identify and eliminate time abuses (break, meal , buddy punching etc)
  • Be more productive efficient and profitable
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions
  • Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees
  • Altogether employee productivity
  • Significantly cut down on payroll processing time integrating with GL loan and advances A/c. and Account payables

In conclusion this biometric time attendance software have a lot of benefits for any organization for managing its employees. Therefore we recommend to any the organization’s to use this software.

Biometric one of a kind imprint scanner system works viably and quickly as you can scrutinize in underneath depicted advances. For unmistakable evidence method a bio metric physiological finger Scanner works on two basic norms.

In any case, it snaps a photo of a finger.

By then finger scanner save express properties of each striking finger and saved as bio metric encode key.Truly one of a kind imprint scanner never saves photos of a finger only course of action of combined code for affirmation reason.


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