All in One

All in one is a complete SAAS e-learning solution. All in one offer different courses with their proper course track and record maintenance so you can view all the progress. Different plans and packages are offered and you can enroll them and start your learning path. Every course has detailed videos and notes sections to enhance the learning process. All in one provides interactive UI/UX designs.

To start your amazing journey of learning on All in one you just need to sign up or sign in to choose the best plan for yourself, select your courses and you are all set to experience the wonderful journey. All in one have different dashboards for students and instructors.

Daily announcements of subjects are delivered to the users enrolled with proper interaction with your instructors. Students enrolled can also directly send any queries to their instructors that enhances their learning process. Other than that other best sellers courses and the courses that that student has interest in are recommended to the student.

All in one provides a feature to have live interaction between the student and instructor and also students can save the videos or can see the old videos from the archives section.

All in one provides a complete track of a course with detail of every module other than that all the progress and bonuses history is also maintained