Online Shopping App

Sir Monty is a complete restaurant management app that provides all features with attractive and consistent UI/UX designs. Managing menus, editing details, ordering and complete insights of the business.

Sir Monty provides users a free hand whether they want to register or not. Sir Monty secures all your details and has complex security algorithms that secure your profile.

Sir Monty made all the processes simple. You can register just by providing your phone number and basic information and you are all set.

Sir Monty Allows users to display and customise your complete restaurant menu. Provides a consistent and minimalist mpete UI/UX design so to order your food is no more difficult.

Sir Montay manages all your orders and payments methods. You have to just select your food from your best restaurants and it goes to your cart. From there you just have to select the payment method and delivery destination and your order is placed.