Mobile World London

Technologies: Odoo, Node JS, Python, JQuery, E-commerce

Founded in 2011, we’re a leading Mobile Phone Store in London . Throughout our history, we have always provided our customers with top quality products at the best value. While the pace of technological development is unprecedented, the keys to our success over the years haven’t changed. We constantly improve our business practices, stock the latest products, and grow our knowledgeable and passionate team of professionals.

The dashboard allows users to see all new products that come into the market including top selling products. Other than that dashboard also provides its user different deals so he can pick the most suitable deal for him. Dashboard also allows users to see the products options that are in the inventory and makes the user experience more simple and catchy.

Provide complete information about the product including price and other specifications. Users also see how many units are available right now. Simple UI is provided so users can easily add their product to the cart. Users can also rate the product from here.The unique feature that is provided is that the alternative product options are also provided to the user.

A complete information of the user is taken so your order can be delivered exactly to you without any inconvenience. User just provides his basic information and selects the billing method so the order moves to the delivery process.